Veenetië Woerden - A Study into the feasibility of a floating neighborhood 



Province Utrecht


Concrete application possibilities are being investigated

in collaboration with

Municipality of Woerden, Water authority Stichtse Rijnlanden, Province Zuid-Holland, Province Utrecht, Program approach peat medadow areas, Administrative board of Infrastructure and subsidence Alphen, Gouda and Woerden, ORG-ID, Sweco, Witteveen+Bos


ZeinstraVeerbeek Architecten – The Hague


The Veenetië project is a research project into the technical and LCC feasibility of a floating residential area as a solution in areas with subsidence problems and potential flooding risk.
This research, based on a real life case in the province of Utrecht, has shown that the chosen approach creates a neighborhood that is flexible and does not suffer from sinking soil. It moves on the water and can therefore be used as a water buffer. This makes it a subsidence and climate-proof neighbourhood. Balance d'eau has contributed to this project as a prominent core team member and a financial support. This project was presented during the national congress on land subsidence in November 2019


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