Veenetië, a floating neighborhood as a solution to subsidence

november 7, 2019

"the Dutch Green heart area is getting ready for the upcoming metamorphosis" - according to the AD in an extensive article about subsidence in which Balance d'eau's plans for the realization of a floating residential area are also mentioned.

read here the full article:

The city of Woerden is investigating the feasibility of a floating neighbourhood

The municipality of Woerden is located in an area that is sensitive to subsidence. Ground subsidence causes cracks in the road surface and broken sewers. The municipality has conducted research into floating construction as a solution in peat meadow areas.

After the previous collaboration between the municipality of Woerden and Balance d'eau in the Waterrijk Woerden project, Balance d'eau has now also been a collaboration partner in this feasibility study.

"Together, Veenetiëlays a solid foundation for taking the step towards developing a future-proof and floating neighborhood"

The video impression on the right gives a nice picture of living in a floating neighborhood. The research results can be viewed in the report below:

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