Project floating homes Zeewolde

Royal Waterlofts
Floating homes in Zeewolde

salesprices starting € 580.000,-  Sales started

Balance d’eau develops 10 floating homes in Zeewolde with a unique water view

0400 overzicht Oeverzwaluwplas web

Project floating and land based homes 'T Buitenryck

't Buitenryck
Floating and sustainable land-based homes in Hoogeveen

under development

Special and natural living in Nijstad: 16 floating homes and 12 durable homes

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floating homes Alblasserdam

Het Rietgors aan het Cortgene Alblasserdam

Landscape and urban planning exploration

The floating homes are guests in the natural landscape


Project Floating homes Zeewolde

Waterrocks floating homes in Zeewolde

Selling price starting € 495.000,-  Project completed

An unique location of 9 floating homes in the centre of Holland


Project outside the dyke 

Outside the dyke Krimpen aan de Lek

under development

Residential area with lots of greenery.

Drone beelden 15

Project floating homes Lent

De Lentse kust
Floating homes  in Nijmegen

salesprices starting € 609.000,-  Project completed

Balance d’eau develops 27 floating homes in Nijmegen with a panoramic view


Project floating residential area Veenetie

Veenetië in Utrecht province - A feasibility research project of a floating residential area

Concrete application possibilities are being investigated

A research project into the technical and LCC feasibility of a floating residential area as a solution in areas with subsidence problems and potential flooding risk.


Project floating homes Woerden

Floating homes Waterrijk Woerden

From € 541.500,- / Project completed

12 Luxurious, 2-storey floating homes with a view over the lake. 


Project floating homes Schoonschip

Floating residential area Schoonschip in Amsterdam

Project completed

Balance d’eau has built several floating homes in this private commisioning project 


Project floating home Delft

Innovative floating home in Delft

project completed

The City of Delft has a world first with this first floating home with a floating foundation made of composite. 


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