The new way of living on water!

Due to further urbanization and climate change, there is an urgent need for sustainable solutions for housing construction in the water-rich Netherlands and other delta regions in the world.

Balance d'eau is currently developing a number of projects throughout The Netherlands. The homes have a small carbon footprint due to the use of solar panels for electricity and heat exchangers for heating and cooling. Also, these homes provide opportunities to build in areas that may not be suitable for traditional housing

Balance d'eau is the only developer that specializes in building floating construction onsite at any location. The water homes developed by us are very attractive and offer plenty of comfort, space and an “on water” living experience. Every day is a holiday for the homeowners!

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may 24, 2021

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Our projects

Project floating and land based homes Hoogeveen

Floating and sustainable land-based homes in Hoogeveen

under development

Special and natural living in Nijstad: 16 floating homes and 12 durable homes


Project floating homes Lent

Floating homes De Lentse kust in Nijmegen

salesprices starting € 609.000,-  Project sold out

Balance d’eau develops 27 floating homes in Nijmegen with a panoramic view


Unique construction system possible at any location

Balance d'eau has developed a completely new construction system based on a watertight floating element made of glass fiber reinforced composite. This patented building system provides our architects with maximum design freedom. 

The lightweight prefab elements are assembled at the construction site into a watertight and solid building. This makes floating construction possible at any location, even in shallow or difficult-to-reach water.


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