Balance d'eau is the specialist in developing and building on water

Development of new building system

When water plots in the Harnaschpolder were issued by the Municipality of Delft in the Netherlands about 10 years ago, it attracted the attention of Olaf Janssen, the founder of Balance d'eau. However, it soon became apparent that no building system was available that made it possible to build on closed water, not accessible by boat.

"Balance d'eau homes have a very low center of gravity, which reduces the influence of wind to a minimum."

Within just a few years and with a team of enthusiastic, innovative engineers, a completely new building system was developed that makes it possible to build floating homes at any location, including in shallow and difficult to reach water. The homes are optimally balanced during the design phase, so they will sit level and stable on the water. Balance d'eau homes have a very low center of gravity, which reduces the influence of wind to a minimum. The construction concept is also an ideal solution for a combination of new housing developments with the possibility to build even in retention ponds.

Unique knowledge

During the development of this completely new building system, it has always been the intention to keep the challenges of climate change and sustainability in mind and implement all innovative techniques immediately. The facades of the building system are highly insulated with an Rc +7.0,  well above the current building code requirements in the Netherlands of Rc 4.5. As a result, the indoor climate of our homes is comfortable and energy consumption is very low.  An energy-neutral home is possible with just a few adjustments. 

With several projects completed, Balance d'eau has proven itself with its unique knowledge and experience, as the specialist in developing and construction on water. We have an intensive collaboration with Damsteegt Waterwerken, which specializes in bridge construction, shore protection, wood, concrete and composite structures. Balance d'eau already includes this unique knowledge during the planning phase of the project, so that unnecessary costs can be avoided, and the project is optimally developed according to the conditions of the location.

Balance d'eau is currently developing multiple construction projects throughout the Netherlands. There also has been significant interest in our product from countries around the world and the next goal for our company is to expand internationally.

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