Floating residential area Schoonschip in Amsterdam



Johan van Hasseltkanaal, Amsterdam



Lay out

Private commissioning, various designs


The floating homes are very well insulated (EPC = maximum 0) and equipped with a green roof. Equipped with heat pump and solar boiler, shower WTW, solar panels with storage facility. Separated gray water circuit


Project Schoonschip will be realized in the Johan van Hasselt Canal, a side canal of the IJ in Amsterdam-North, in the Buiksloterham district. In this district, the robustness of the old industry goes hand in hand with sustainable new construction projects.
Balance d'eau is building various homes in this special project, the most sustainable floating neighborhood in Europe.
All houses have a different design and are realized with a concrete floating body and an extra high insulated timber frame construction. Heat pumps are applied as the heating system, which extract heat from the water in the canal, and passive solar heat is used as much as possible. All homes are connected to a joint smart grid with which the electricity generated by solar panels from the mutual homes is smartly exchanged. There will be a separate stream for the discharge of gray and black water, the black water will eventually be discharged to a biorefinery for fermentation and conversion into energy..


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