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The Rietgors at the Cortgene Alblasserdam
Landscape and urban exploration
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The Rietgors

The Rietgors on the Cortgene Alblasserdam is located on the river Noord and has been a outer-dike landscape  for decades. It is partly used for access to the 'balkengat' that once existed and where a residential area has been located for some time now, and partly as a so-called 'keelgat'. The plot has not been used for quite some time now; the water and the elements have free game.

"The concept idea is that the floating homes are guests in the natural landscape"

The initiators have devised a way of thinking and a possible development direction in which this pilot whale could go, in such a way that a unique combination can be created with references to the old use from the past, with room for improvement of the quality of nature in this area. With a recreational route for public use and also with a part for private use through residential use.

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Cortgene, Alblasserdam 


Landscape and urban exploration


Floating homes in the Rietgors of the river Noord at Cortgene Alblasserdam


Balance d'eau B.V.

Landscape and urban exploration

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The objective of this project is that the houses are guests in the natural environment of the Rietgors.

By constructing new islands and deepening them locally, greater biodiversity is created so that waterfowl can roost and even breed here. Underwater life will receive a powerful impulse with the new underwater landscape, so that the diversity of species will increase.

The floating natural islands around the houses provide a gradual transitional environment between land and water, which is important for aquatic and amphibious communities. For waterfowl they also offer a popular breeding ground, where they can also find building material for their nests. For insects, the large species variety of plants provides suitable foraging and breeding areas. The plants also make a positive contribution to cleaning the water. It can absorb and store nitrogen and phosphate compounds.

The houses in the Rietgors are designed in a nature-inclusive way so that various bird species and bats can find resting and breeding places there. The houses have a high insulation factor so that energy consumption is minimized. By means of an innovative heat exchanger, the house is heated by the water in which the house floats.

The green natural roof and the natural facade materials not only allow the house to blend into the natural landscape, but also ensure that unwanted heating of the environment (heat stress) is prevented as much as possible.

Landscape integration

The houses in the Rietgors form a natural transition from land to water and move with the tide. Because a large part of the houses are under water, the height above water is limited so that the view over the North is hardly disturbed from dike level.

Floating homes are the most climate-resistant form of housing; after all, when the water level rises or falls, the houses simply move along. It is therefore a very suitable application for this area outside the dykes.

The construction of new islands and the restoration of the eroded headland in combination with the floating nature islands will give the area a robust quality impulse and greatly increase biodiversity both on the water and underwater.

The area can now only be viewed from a distance from the dike. The construction of meandering walkways through the landscape creates access for walkers to the area and enables a real experience of the water and nature.

We want to design the landscape and urban design of the area in such a way that the sightlines from Fregat, Jan Smitkade and Cortgene are preserved as much as possible.

Where possible, attention is also paid to the special cultural-historical character of the area, such as the keel hole and the disappeared beech mill.

The Wiegje van Beatrijs gets its final destination in the Rietgors. This unique floating work of art will tell the historical story in this special place.



    Approx 1850

    The Cortgene Alblasserdam

    Approx 1875


    Approx 1900


    Approx 1900


    Approx 1950


    Approx 2020


    Water homes located in the Rietgors at the Cortgene Alblasserdam

    Water homes located in the Rietgors at the Cortgene Alblasserdam
    The Rietgors at the Cortgene in the middle of Alblasserdam is a unique location for floating living, centrally located in the southwest of the Netherlands with excellent connections. It is also located on the beautiful river De Noord with ships of all kinds and sizes always passing by.

    All facilities are more than sufficiently available in or near Alblasserdam: from shops, cinema and schools to good restaurants and terraces. Dordrecht with its historic city center is a 15-minute drive away and can easily be visited by bike via the water bus. Rotterdam can also be reached in no time, with the nearby water bus or via the A15 by car. Within a circle of about an hour's drive are: Breda, The Hague, Utrecht, Amsterdam, Schiphol, Rotterdam Airport and Antwerp.

    Furthermore, Alblasserdam is located on the edge of the Green Heart and a stone's throw (cycling or sailing) from the World Heritage De Molens van Kinderdijk. There are plenty of recreational opportunities both on land and on the water: cycling, walking, boating or, in case of real frost, skating on the river De Alblas.

    "A unique location for living in a floating house centrally located in the south-west of the Netherlands."

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