Living outside the dike - Krimpen aan de Lek

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Krimpen aan de Lek

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Residential area with floating homes, apartments, houses on stilts and lots of greenery


Balance d’eau B.V.




Living in the historic river landscape Krimpen aan de Lek
We have developed a vision for the future for the current IHC site in Krimpen aan de Lek, which is being developed into a residential area with all parties and stakeholders such as the Municipality of Krimpenerwaard, Rijkswaterstaat, the Province, but also residents, through a Doing Together process.
The special location between the dike and the river Lek, its past as a shipyard and its current function as a marina and scouting site, offers a wealth of starting points for a unique residential area next to the Lek.
For us it all starts with ambition and inspiration. Our idea of a new waterside living environment must meet several factors that ensure that the area retains its distinctive identity. We will create a residential area with floating homes, apartments and houses on stilts and lots of greenery. With this we emphasize the accessibility and openness of a green river area.


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