Innovative floating home - Delft



Harnaschpolder, Delft




House has a T-shape with 3 floors and various split levels. The dimensions are 12.9 x 10.9 x 9.30 m high. Spacious living room and kitchen, 5 bedrooms/work rooms, two bathrooms, a large storage room and spacious roof terrace. The gross floor area is 272 m2


Fam. Janssen-Boekee


ZVA – Den Haag


The walls have a very high insulation value (Rc > 7.5). Innovative heat exchanger that extracts energy from the water in which the house floats to heat the house and tap water. CO2-controlled HRV ventilation system


The City of Delft has a world first with this first floating home with a floating foundation made of composite. The example home of Balance d'eau was built in a pond of approximately 200x50 m, part of the required water buffer of the new Harnaschpolder project. This results in optimal land usage.
Optimal water experience from the spacious living room with sliding glass facade. Through a split level you look at the water from the kitchen, through the living room. The house has several work rooms with a view over the water. From the roof terrace with lots of privacy there is a view of the adjacent park.
This project combines real water and nature experience with a very short distance from the center of Delft.


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