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The project  "Buitenryck - Bijzonder Natuurlijk Wonen” is divided into 3 sub-areas: The Oeverzwaluwplas with 16 floating homes and 2 ground-bound houses with a informal care home, the Weidezicht west with 5 ground-bound houses and the Weidezicht east with 5 ground-bound houses on a courtyard


Balance d'eau B.V.


ZVA The Hague


Balance d'eau is developing a total of 28 homes in 3 sub-areas around the recreational area Nijstad Hoogeveen:

On / at the Oeverzwaluwplas 16 floating homes and 2 ground-bound houses with an informal care home

At Weidezicht-west 5 ground-level homes with an option for a multi-functional outbuilding

At Weidezicht-east 5 ground-level homes around a courtyard

The 16 luxurious, architecturally designed floating homes on the Oeverzwaluwplas are designed in such a way that they have a maximum view over the natural lake. The spacious garden with storage room also offers space for a driveway.

It is possible to place a floating terrace next to the floating home so that you can take a dive from there into the clear water of the lake. Thanks to the natural banks and the clear water, you have an optimal water and nature experience; a unique form of living in Drenthe!

The two ground-level houses with a view over the lake are located on very spacious plots of more than 2000 M2. In addition to the spacious detached house, a fully-fledged, spacious informal care home is planned, with which these plots offer a special and social living environment.

There will be no fences in the landscape, trees and hedges will be used as the boundary fences.

The houses next to and on the lake are fitted into this natural landscape by using natural materials.

The 5 detached houses in Weidezicht-West are all located on spacious plots of 1150-1443 M2. All houses have a view over the meadow behind. By using natural materials for the house and placement of trees and hedges as a boundary, these houses form a harmonious transition from the meadow landscape to the villas at the Nijstad recreational lake.

Optionally, a multi-functional outbuilding can be placed near these houses, which can be used by the residents as a studio, work room, hobby room or large garage, without a residential function.

The courtyard at Weidezicht-east offers a special living environment with a surface area of more than 4700 m2. The layout and appearance of a courtyard gives the whole a rural character, which fits perfectly into the surrounding meadow landscape. Five homes will be built around the courtyard, divided over 3 buildings; the architecture of the detached house refers to a farmhouse and the two two-under-one-roof houses refer as barns.

When entering to the left of the access road, there is a communal green area intended for joint use, such as a vegetable garden or animal pasture of approx. 600m2, and behind it communal unmarked parking spaces in the green area of approx. 500m2. The detached house still has its own terrain of almost 1000 M2, the two two-under-one-roof houses approx. 500 M2

Bijzonder Natuurlijk Wonen has a optimal location in Drenthe: All homes are within walking distance of the recreational area Nijstad Hoogeveen.

The nearest shopping center (De Weide) is 12 minutes by bike. The center of Hoogeveen with a wide range of amenities is 18 minutes by bike. The train station is 20 minutes by bike. The centuries-old esgehuchten Echten and Ten Arlo are 5 minutes by bike. Natural Reserve Dwingelderveld is 15 minutes by car. Ancient Hanzesteden: Meppel is 20 minutes by car, Zwolle is 30 minutes by car and Groningen is 50 minutes by car.

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